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June 11, 2007 | 11:39P

Ughhhh. I'm sorry for my absence, my loves. Things have been crazy around here but I'm going to try and get on to update as much as I can. I got my new digital camera on Monday so way new, fun pics are coming up, too. Even if I have to take some "sets" all at once and post them from day to day, I will. My fingernails are practically bitten down to the nubs right now from stress (Bleh!). I'm hoping you all are sticking with me here. Things should be calming down once this month ends though so hang tight.

Just for note: Someone bought from my "lingerie" list and someone bought me a new swimsuit, so both of you will be receiving personal pics sets shortly. Maybe a little something extra, too. ;) You know who you are, so keep your eyes on your emails. Thanks!

I have to say that, strangely, I'm really looking forward to the "Transformers" movie coming out soon. It's so not my genre but I'm feeling almost compelled to see it and I WILL be seeing it. Who's with me?? Hehe.

I know my blogs have been kind of boring and "scattery", too. Sorry about that. I actually have a ton to talk about and I will get to it soon.

Peace out!

Love me: Amazon / Fredericks

June 9, 2007 | 2:34A

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know (in case you hadn't checked out the Fredericks list) that I have a little offer going on over there for those interested. The deal is that if someone buys something off of there, they will receive a personal (meaning never be released publically) 20 hi-res pic set of myself "in" the purchased garment. ;) If you're interested or if you have any questions or want more details about it, shoot me an email!

That is all.

Love me: Amazon / Fredericks

June 8, 2007 | 4:13P

As you all can see, I did some "tweaking" around here and I'm satisfied. Yes, I really did cut my hair and a good 5 inches off, too. Long hair is simply too hot for summertime. I must say my hair came out pretty darn good!

Also, I am getting my new digi cam scheduled to come on Monday (Thank God!) so I'm pretty stoked about that. My old one was a nightmare and I can't wait to replace it. I'm considering dragging it's sorry ass outside and "Office Spacing" it. So stay tuned for that and thank you Steve for making that possible for me!

Lastly, a huge thank you to Menno for finding some of my old archives and making them available to me. I can't believe they had been hiding there for 2 years! You can find about 400 of my archived pics through my gallery link as well as anything else that goes through my cam now. That will now be my gallery. :)

Love me: Amazon / Fredericks

June 6, 2007 | 11:56P

I just have to say that I'm so pleased and thankful for all of the support, love, and positivity everyone has shown me since my return. Be it by email or comment, you all have been great and, of course, I can't believe I wasn't forgotten! You all are superstars to me for that alone. Thank you! :)

Not a lot has been going on the past couple of days. There have been a lot of storms and rain so I've been bumming around for the most part. I wish I could say that I've accomplished getting some portion of this site up, but I'm still gathering pics, past and present, for the gallery. I'm trying to get as much as I possibly can together and I promise that the gallery won't be lacking that's for sure. Though, if any of you have any past pics of me on your hard drives (and don't kid- I know you do!), please drop them in my e-mail if you get around to it. It would be appreciated.

Oh yeah, and here is if you love me, and here is if you love me more. =P There were actually requests for this so here you go. No tomato throwing, por favor. ;)

Love me: Amazon / Fredericks

June 3, 2007 | 3:08A

So now I've pretty much been "working" since I last posted not counting food, bathroom, and shower breaks. I really need to sleep so the gallery and my bio are going to have to wait for a little bit. It'll come though. ;)


June 2, 2007 | 9:52P

First of all, I just want to send a huge thank you to Echo for accepting me to be hosted and for trusting me with the space she's given me. As a few of you had seen, I had started to set up a new website with a "free hosting" provider (something I was not happy with at all) so I'm really thankful that she "picked me up" before I was stuck with them for too long. So far, I've been given nothing but great webspace and much friendliness so go visit Echo right now and send her much love.

In other news, I'm so excited that we've finally entered into June. I love summer. I love the beach. I love sunshine. If there's anything I crave more than those things, it would be the summer barbecues. S'mores, baby! All I need to do is go pick up a new tankini and I'll be set.

Anyway, as you can see I'm still working on a few sections here and there and getting everything tweaked up. I spent practically all day working on this site so bear with me. :)